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Best Gaming headset 2021 - Meta review

METHODS If you´re like me, evaluating and comparing products like headsets can be exhausting. In science a meta-analysis is a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies. In this unscientific meta review I´ve combined the results of 15 different professional magazine reviews found on Google. Compared to scientific analyses this one is only based on few peoples subjective and maybe even biased opinions AND my creative and ridiculously loose way of analyzing the data. So I take no responsibility for the possible disappointing product choices made based on this blog post:)

FOREWORDS I don´t play games so I have no idea how to define a good gaming headset. Regarding this meta review I think it´s actually quite good thing; I cannot be biased towards some brands or models because I´ve never even heard of them before! It is also important to understand that the criterias and categories varies a LOT. People require and prefer different features. Anyway, let´s check out the results.


The best gaming headset had 5/15 reviews with the average ranking of 2,2. Only 3/63 headset models were reviewed as many times. Because the competition was pretty tight with those two other models I took the liberty of supporting the results with customer reviews. On Amazon, the average rating of 6962 costumer reviews was 4,5/5 which supported the professional opinions quite well. According to my analysis based on the opinion of professionals and close to 7000 customers, the best gaming headset for 2021 is....*drum roll* RAZER BLACKSHARK V2 PRO* Tech specs: Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless Technology for lossless audio and low-latency wireless gaming

  • Razer™ TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers for high-end audio performance

  • Razer™ HyperClear Supercardioid Mic for ultra-clear voice quality and advanced mic controls

  • Advanced passive noise cancellation for uninterrupted focus

  • FlowKnit memory foam ear cushions for premium comfort

Like said the competition was very tight with two other models - that were actually from the same brand. The two models were: STEELSERIES ARCTIS 7 STEELSERIES ARCTIS pro

I personally would have hard time choosing between these three models. Think my budget and the looks of the headsets would affect my final decision.

*includes advertising link

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